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MFSMI Members and Officers

MFSMI Members and Officers

The ardent desire to be of service to our beloved province started when Atty. Augusto D. Hidalgo, Jr. in 1991 invited a small group of Marinduquenos in Manila for a breakfast meeting at the Coffee Shop of the then Hotel Dusit in Makati.  Atty. Hidalgo proposed that they see each other once a month just to spend time together and to exchange news and views about Marinduque and the its’ people. The group liked the idea and settled on the first Saturday of every month for the purpose. At least one other Marinduqueno would be brought along as guest could later become a regular participant of the “First Saturday Breakfast Club”.

Among those who came in the beginning were Claudio D. Hidalgo, Artemio L. Lozano, Atty. Bienvido L. Ferranco, Aresenio Tanco with son, Engr. Ronald Tanco, Dr. Wilberto Lopez, Jorge Lardizabal, Angel Sandoval, Franciso Ng, Angel L. Bunag, Salvador M. Larracas and Pedrito M. Nepomuceno. Marinduquenos from other town was also invited to the next meeting. Soon, Ben Cordero Lim of Torrijos, Col. Ruperto Molato, Sr. and Col. Ruperto C. Molato, Jr. of Mogpog, +Bernardo Jambalos II, Baby Mangubat, Avelino Magturo, Francisco Trivino joined the club and became regular participants.Later, the group decided to transfer to a less expensive venue, the Café Rizal at Legaspi Village in Makati. The club stayed at Café Rizal for a while until they moved to a bigger place, the Beverly Hills Deli which is now Glorietta Five and later to Max Restaurant. Attendance continuously improves with Victor H. Rodriguez, Renato L. Paras, Romeo L. Hermoso with son Reuel, Manuel M. Madrigal, Jr., Antonio Villaruel, Manuel Padua, Jaime Lardizabal and others. When Max Restaurant closed for renovation, the club moved to Burger King and later too Charter House in Makati City and eventually at the Patio of the Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City.

Retired Police Director Generals Recaredo Sarmiento II , Santiago and George Alino, Col. Narciso Daquioag, Atty. Rodrigo V. Sotto of Gasan, Dr. Godofredo Ng, Eduardo L. Alino also joined the guild.

At first, the gathering was purely social and informal but as the discussions focused more and more on the province and plight of Marinduquenos, it dawned on the members that perhaps time to talk about serious matters centered on what the club can do in uplifting the lives of each and every Marinduquenos.

Year 2007 was the turning point in the Movers history. Its unpublished agenda started to become a reality. Its unwritten vision and mission to gather Marinduquenos in Metro Manila to be able to adopt a plan on how to unite and assist Marinduquenos in whatever capacity became a reality. That same year, Former Gov. Aristeo Lecaroz and Atty. Milton Mendoza joined the club.

Atty. Hidalgo turned over the chairmanship to Gen. Recaredo Sarmiento II who gladly accepted the challenge with Mr. Nepumoceno acting as Corporate Secretary. It was during this time the idea formalizing the club was brought up and in 2009, the name Marinduque First Saturday Movers, Inc. has been officially adopted and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock and non-profit corporation.

On October 11, 2009, the induction of the first Officers and Members of the Board of Trustees was held in Gasan, Marinduque with local government official in attendance.

In its first year as duly registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the club was able to accomplish the following:

  1. Recognition and accreditation by the six municipalities and provincial government itself;
  2. Membership to the municipal and Provincial Development Councils and;
  3. Adoption of the Vision, Mission and Medium Term Plan of MFSMI.

In 2010, the organization has been recognized by the Regional Development Council (RDC) with Gen. Sarmiento and Atty. Milton as geographical and sectoral representatives to RDC.